Welcome to our new blog. We thought for our first post it was only fitting to share some more about the people working alongside the nursery teams you know and love… our Senior Management & Head Office team!

At Little Elms we are lucky enough to have multiple people working behind the scenes to support your child’s nursery in providing the high-quality care Little Elms is known for.

Firstly, we have Matthew and Spencer, brothers who are the Owners and Directors of Little Elms. Matthew and Spencer opened the first branch of Little Elms in Beckenham in 2009. This was after struggling to find a nursery that shared their idea of what high quality, family-based childcare should look like. Over the past 13 years, Little Elms has expanded, and we now have 10 branches! Matthew and Spencer remain involved in the running of Little Elms and meet regularly with the nursery managers and team members.

Matthew and Spencer work with our Operations Director, Adam Shaw. Adam joined us in 2019, just before we were thrust into the world of COVID restrictions in a global pandemic! Adam has worked in childcare since 2006 and has spent the last 8 years managing multiple nursery sites, which he does at Little Elms. Adam is responsible for creating all our policies and procedures, ensuring the nurseries are meeting legislative requirements, training and supporting the teams, managing the members of the senior management team and much more. Adam is known for his love of excel spreadsheets and is expecting his first bubba soon.

We are lucky to have two wonderful Quality and Operations Managers who directly support the nursery managers on the ground each day. Beata Johnson supports both Beckenham nurseries as well as Crofton, Sydenham and Shirley branch. SiuLing Nguyen supports the Catford nurseries, Greenwich and Peninsula nurseries and Lee. Beata and SiuLing work alongside the nursery managers, in the classrooms to support best practice from our wonderful team. SiuLing has one son who has attended Little Elms since the baby playroom and Beata has two sons. SiuLing has managed both Little Elms Catford and Lee nurseries during her time with the company and over the last five years has worked in senior management roles. SiuLing is known for her love of Starbucks and ‘FRIENDS’. Beata joined the Little Elms team in late 2021 and has enjoyed getting stuck into her role from Day 1! She is known for her sweet tooth and her love of cake and custard!

In our Head Office, we have three separate teams that work in different areas to ensure the managers can focus on the running of the nursery!

Accounts Team

The accounts team is run by our Financial Director, Mark Symonds. The team consist of Penny who is the Accounts Manager, Daniel- our Payroll Manager Marina- Funding Manager and Jennifer- Credit Controller. Roberta and Yousif manage our day-to-day accounts and all the payments received. Our accounts team are always at the end of the telephone ready to help with any finance related enquiries!

HR Department

Hayleigh’s previous HR experience is in retail management and training, most recently the SEN education sector. Working with people and supporting is her absolute passion. She is great at improving experiences and embedding processes.

Occupancy and Marketing Department

Agata Kara is our Occupancy and Marketing Manager, and she has worked with us for the past 11 years. Agata works with managers to offer places and manages the occupancy and admissions. She is also managing and optimising Little Elms social media and raising brand awareness through marketing campaigns. Working with Agata, we have Mollie who has just joined Little Elms as the Group Administrator. Mollie manages enquiries and books your nursery visits.

Recruitment Team

Natalie and Joel make up our vivacious recruitment team. They help candidates book in for their interviews and trials and pre-screen everyone, so we only have the best candidates coming through! Natalie and Joel have both worked in recruitment for many years and enjoy helping people connect with the next step in their childcare journey!
So now you know a little more about the dream team behind each nursery. We are grateful to have so much support!

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Welcome to our new blog. We thought for our first post it was only fitting to share some more about the people working alongside the

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