Meet Emma, Nursery Manager: Nurturing Little Minds at Little Elms Crofton

In the heart of South London, at Little Elms Crofton, there’s a guiding force behind the scenes – Emma Tooley, the passionate and dedicated Nursery Manager. With nearly 11 years of commitment to Little Elms, Emma is not just a manager; she’s a driving force shaping the early years education experience for the little ones.

March marks Emma’s impressive 11-year milestone with Little Elms. Her journey is a testament to the supportive and nurturing environment that Little Elms provides, allowing individuals like Emma to thrive both personally and professionally.

Emma’s educational journey is a blend of dedication and achievement. She embarked on her childcare qualifications with Jace Training, securing her Level 2. Her pursuit of excellence continued with Busy Bees Nurseries, where she earned her Level 3 in childcare and a Level 3 in management.

Emma’s journey into childcare and education is rooted in a genuine love for being around children, especially babies. Being the eldest among siblings and cousins, she naturally assumed the role of caretaker. Emma’s experience supporting her brother with additional needs ignited her passion for working specifically with children under 5.

As the Nursery Manager, Emma’s role extends beyond day-to-day operations. She finds immense joy in being around the children but places a special emphasis on sharing experiences and providing training to the staff. Emma’s commitment to mentoring those with a passion for high-quality childcare ensures a thriving environment for both staff and children.

Little Elms Crofton recently achieved a commendable rating during an Ofsted inspection, a source of pride for Emma. Looking ahead, she is focused on accomplishing recommendations with her team. Emma eagerly anticipates the growth of the children and their readiness for school, with plans to celebrate each child’s success and time at Little Elms in the upcoming summer.

When not immersed in the world of early years education, Emma’s heart belongs to her own family. With a 14-year-old son, an 11-year-old daughter, four nieces, and a nephew, her free time is dedicated to family activities. Emma also indulges in her love for travel, especially to warmer destinations, whenever the opportunity arises!

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