School Readiness

Our school readiness program ensures a seamless and confident transition to formal schooling for our pre-schoolers.

What is School Readiness?

School readiness is a vital transitional phase that nurtures children’s cognitive, social, and emotional development, equipping them for the school journey. It fosters a supportive environment where each child encounters challenging and meaningful learning experiences, instilling the confidence to become independent learners.

School readiness also encourages and strengthens family involvement in their child’s growth and learning, both at home and in the community. This approach allows children to progress at their own pace, with the valuable support and guidance of our Early Years educators, families, and external agencies, empowering them to actively participate in their school readiness journey.

Our Approach

At Little Elms Daycare, we prepare children for school by supporting their development, allowing them to learn at their own pace with guidance from our nursery team and their families.

Independence, Communication, Language & Self-Regulation

We create a secure environment for children’s overall development. We encourage independence, social skills, and effective communication. We support emotional expression and self-regulation. Our approach includes fostering curiosity, self-directed learning, and language development.

Literacy & Phonics

We foster vocabulary growth through a love for reading and books, encourage self-expression with mark-making, and provide diverse texts for exploration. We engage children in imaginative activities, use nursery rhymes, and develop fine motor skills. They also share news and bring book scenes to life through role play.

Physical Development & Health​

We focus on developing both large and small motor skills, promoting safe navigation, and emphasizing health practices. This includes oral health, exercise, and a balanced diet. We help children manage hygiene, use tools like scissors, and build confidence in various movements while teaching safety and risk assessment.​

STEM Learning (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths)

We nurture children’s curiosity in technology and problem-solving. Through challenges, we encourage them to try, evaluate, and refine their efforts, while also promoting an interest in science and probability. Children make predictions, conduct experiments, and explore technology like photocopiers in our creative environment.


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