Meet the Team at Little Elms Bromley

We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of Little Elms Bromley, and we can’t wait to introduce you to our exceptional team!

At Little Elms, we understand the importance of providing a nurturing and secure environment for your little ones, and our dedicated staff are here to ensure just that. With a wealth of experience from our managers and passionate practitioners at all levels, you can trust that your little one is in safe hands.

We believe in the power of a strong team, working collaboratively to ensure the best outcomes for your child. We strive to create a supportive community where both parents and children feel welcomed, valued, and heard.

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Having obtained her qualification from the National Nursery Examination Board (NNEB), Claire’s extensive knowledge and expertise shine through in her interactions with the children and families under her care. She takes great pleasure in getting to know each child individually, fostering meaningful connections and building strong relationships between the nursery and families.

In her new role in Bromley, Claire eagerly anticipates the opportunity to establish rapport with parents and children, forging those initial bonds that lay the foundation for a happy and memorable nursery experience. She understands the importance of collaboration, trust, and open communication in creating a nurturing environment where families feel heard, valued, and actively involved.

Claire’s passion lies in ensuring that every child receives the highest standard of childcare. She has high expectations for herself and her team and her commitment to excellence guarantees that Little Elms Bromley will provide a nurturing and stimulating environment where children can thrive.

Outside of her professional achievements, Claire finds fulfilment in her personal life. She cherishes her role as a mother to three grown-up children, and has recently been blessed with the joy of becoming a grandmother to two adorable babies.

Our Bromley Nursery is privileged to have Claire as its manager. Her wealth of experience, dedication, and compassionate leadership make her an invaluable asset to the Little Elms family.

Sherina is the Deputy Manager for Bromley, bringing with her nearly 9 years of experience within the company and a total of 12 years in the child care sector. Alongside her professional accomplishments, Sherina is a proud mother of two children. In her leisure time, she finds joy in creative activities, cooking, reading, and embarking on long walks in nature.

As Sherina looks ahead, she eagerly anticipates the opportunity to collaborate with Nursery Manager Claire, and the vibrant team at Bromley. Together, their aim is to create an environment that is not only fun and educational but also nurturing and welcoming. Sherina’s wealth of experience and passion for early childhood care and education make her a valuable asset to the team, and she is dedicated to ensuring the children at Bromley receive the highest quality of care and support.

Hayley, as the Third in Charge and Room Manager at Little Elms Bromley, brings a wealth of experience in the childcare field spanning over 10 years. Her childcare journey has seen her take on various roles, including being a nanny, a children’s entertainer, and previously holding the position of Third in Charge at another London nursery.

Hayley possesses a deep interest in child development, and she finds immense joy in being fun, creative, and imaginative when engaging with children. It is this passion that fuels her drive to continue working with children, as she finds it an incredibly rewarding career. Additionally, Hayley thoroughly enjoys leading a team, and she is prepared to offer her unwavering support to the staff at Little Elms Nursery – Bromley, ensuring they can provide a happy, safe, caring, and stimulating environment for all the children under their care to thrive and flourish.

“I am really excited to work at the BRAND NEW Little Elms Nursery in Bromley and I cannot wait to establish positive relationships with all the children and their families that decide to attend this high quality setting”.

Eloise, a dedicated and passionate individual, is a level 3 practitioner and will be working with the toddlers at Little Elms Bromley. From a young age, Eloise had a clear calling to work with children, and she has gained valuable experience in nurseries and primary schools. With a natural inclination towards creativity, Eloise takes delight in engaging children in messy play and encouraging their participation.

Being part of the new Little Elms team marks an exciting chapter in Eloise’s career in childcare. She eagerly anticipates the opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of the children under her care.

Kirby is a dedicated level 2 nursery practitioner who trained at Little Elms Shirley, where he found a sense of belonging in the warm and welcoming community of Little Elms, never before experiencing such a strong team dynamic. Kirby brings with him six years of experience from another nursery.

In 2014, Kirby graduated from university with a degree in Illustration, a field that has always been a passion and source of fulfilment for him. Drawing, painting, and creating have remained integral hobbies and he now operates a small online art shop. “I love to explore this creativity with the children, seeing their wondering and divergent thinking inspires me so much, working with children is so rewarding because I get to guide them and ensure they have the best possible start to their journey”.

Kirby eagerly looks forward to meeting each and every individual, as well as collaborating with the team, to create an environment that nurtures and enriches the lives of the children at Little Elms Bromley.

Aimee, in her pursuit of a career, initially took on a role as a bank staff member in child care while studying for an access course in science. However, it was during this time that she uncovered a deep passion for working with children and took the decision to work in childcare fulltime.

Aimee’s genuine enthusiasm and joy come to life when creating fun and messy play experiences for babies. She understands the importance of providing opportunities for exploration and discovery, allowing the little ones to fully immerse themselves in their surroundings.

As an apprentice at Little Elms Bromley, Melis has made a significant career shift after briefly studying beauty. Raised in a large family where she was consistently surrounded by children, Melis found inspiration in these experiences, ultimately fuelling her decision to enter the field of childcare.

Melis’s future aspirations are firmly set on personal and professional growth. She is dedicated to developing her skills and knowledge by acquiring the necessary qualifications, fostering a solid foundation for her ongoing journey in childcare. Melis aims to make a positive impact in the lives of children, ensuring their well-being and growth while building a fulfilling career in the field she is genuinely passionate about.

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