Little Elms Shirley Achieves ‘Good’ Rating in Recent Ofsted Inspection

We’re excited to share some terrific news from our Little Elms Shirley nursery! In the June 2023 Ofsted inspection, our nursery received a ‘good’ rating, recognising our commitment to providing excellent Early Years education.

Here are some highlights from the report:

A Positive Start to Each Day; Children at Little Elms Shirley start their day eagerly, reflecting the welcoming and engaging atmosphere we’ve created.

Empowering Freedom of Choice; Our nursery values independence. All children have the opportunity to choose their play area, allowing them to explore based on their interests.

Safety and Growth; Safety is a top priority. Toddlers confidently and safely navigate stairs, promoting their physical development.

Teamwork and Social Skills; Pre-school children excel in cooperative play and turn-taking. They even lead in explaining game rules, fostering leadership skills.

Progress in Learning; Children make substantial progress in their learning and development, tailored to their individual starting points.

Strong Leadership and Supportive Staff; Our leadership is robust, and staff build strong bonds with children, ensuring their comfort and security.

Collaboration with Parents; We work closely with parents to support children’s growth, from potty training to all aspects of their development.

Effective Curriculum; Our curriculum effectively supports learning and development, resulting in commendable progress.

We’re immensely proud of our ‘good’ rating from Ofsted. It reflects the hard work and dedication of our team in providing exceptional Early Years education. We’re committed to nurturing the potential in every child who joins us. 

Discover more in the Little Elms Shirley Ofsted Report 2023.

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