Little Elms Crofton Achieves ‘Good’ Rating in OFSTED Inspection

On the 25th of October, OFSTED conducted an inspection of Little Elms Crofton, and we are delighted to announce that we have achieved a ‘Good’ rating!

This accomplishment is a testament to the dedication and commitment of our wonderful staff and the support we receive from our amazing families.

Key Highlights from the Inspection Report:

Promoting Child-Led Learning: The report notes, “Staff promote opportunities for children to lead activities and learn from one another.” Our children are confident explorers, embracing unfamiliar activities with enthusiasm, thanks to the efforts of our devoted staff.

Tailoring Curriculum to Interests: The inspection found, “Children share their interests with staff, who use this information to plan the curriculum.” Our team actively engages with children to discover their interests, ensuring a curriculum that caters to each child’s unique preferences.

Fostering Positive Learning Attitudes: The report acknowledges, “Children feel excited to learn and develop positive attitudes to their learning.” In our happy and relaxed atmosphere, children thrive as they collaborate with their friends, encouraged by staff to embrace turn-taking, sharing, and cooperation.

As we celebrate our ‘Good’ rating, we are equally mindful of areas for improvement. These include the need to strengthen the promotion of children’s independence, fostering their ability to do things for themselves. Additionally, there is a focus on supporting our dedicated staff to elevate children’s speaking skills to the highest level throughout the nursery. We are committed to addressing these aspects with a proactive action plan, ensuring continuous growth and refinement in our commitment to providing exceptional care and education. 

Congratulations to our dedicated staff for their commitment to providing exceptional care and education to your children. We also express our gratitude to our families for your ongoing support and partnership.

Read the full report here.

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