Meet Tony: Shaping Futures as Nursery Manager at Little Elms Peninsula!

Meet Tony Virgo, the Nursery Manager at Little Elms Peninsula, based in South London, England. Tony embarked on his childcare journey in 2003, starting in after-school clubs and transitioning to nurseries in September 2005. Beginning as an unqualified practitioner, he dedicated himself to excellence and earned his Level 3 in Children Care, learning, and development in 2008.

Tony’s impressive career includes twelve years with a previous company, where he had the opportunity to contribute to the opening of a new nursery. In 2018, he joined Little Elms Beckenham as Deputy Manager, marking a significant step in his professional journey. With the support of his dedicated team, Tony reached new heights and, in July 2020, proudly assumed the role of Nursery Manager for Little Elms Lee.

Choosing childcare as a career, Tony believes in making a positive impact on the next generation through understanding and skillful guidance. His passion lies in inspiring children to become the best versions of themselves, providing the necessary educational steppingstones for success. Tony is known for fostering authentic, educational, fun, energetic, and creative environments, working collaboratively with staff teams to support growth and excellence in their roles.

Taking great pride in his team, Tony leads with heart and took over as the Nursery Manager at Little Elms Peninsula in August 2023. Fun, energetic, and dedicated, Tony Virgo is committed to creating an environment where every child has the best chance for success.

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